Stormwater Management Plan Maps

In 2013 the Cities of Marion and Holdfast Bay released a $23 million, long-term plan to reduce the risk of flooding to homes and businesses across our shared catchment areas.

The below flood maps indicate where stormwater may flow in a one-in-100 year rainfall event today and the forecast in about 30 years if the Stormwater Management Plan is not implemented.

Maps are colour coded via a legend and show projected depths along properties.

Instructions for using the below maps
  • The maps are best viewed on a desktop computer as they aren't compatible with mobile devices.
  • Click on the section of the map that you wish to view - this will bring up a more detailed street map.
  • Hover on the section of the map that shows your street - this will bring up two maps to view based on two different scenarios:
    - 'Current Map' that shows a one-in-100 year rainfall event, or a 'Future Map' that shows a long-term one-in-100-year rainfall event.
  • Click on the relevant map and it will open a PDF of the map.